How has INSPIRE and/or the School of Education helped you grow as a future teacher?

In the INSPIRE seminar you take, I learned about unconscious bias and how to acknowledge and reflect on my own. I've also learned about how to work with people with the same end goal. This will help me become an educator who can collaborate with others to achieve a higher goal.

What has been your favorite experience as a member of the INSPIRE LLC so far?

One of my favorite experiences was getting to plan Halloweek! As a member of INSPIRE council, I got to plan all of the aspects of the Halloween decorating, pumpkin patch, and trick or treating on the floor! I got to experience it withll my friends and collaborate with some amazing people!

What influenced your decision to become a Peer Mentor?

I became a peer mentor because I wanted to help people with their transition to college like my peer mentors did for me. When I came to college, I was super nervous about coming into a large campus without knowing anyone I was living with. My peer mentors made the INSPIRE space feel like home, and I want to do the same thing this year!

Joining INSPIRE my freshman year was definitely one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. INSPIRE has given me a community of people to turn to, many amazing friendships, and a support system at my home away from home!