Q&A with Matthias

How has INSPIRE or the School of Education helped you grow as a future teacher?

Inspire has helped me grow as a future teacher because I’ve learned what it takes to create an atmosphere in which people feel comfortable being themselves. It’s made me more passionate about making my classroom a safe place for all of my students and to appreciate and understand all of our individual differences. I used to view teaching as just a job, but this community has made me excited about teaching and positively impacting others.

What has been your favorite experience as a member of the INSPIRE LLC so far?

My favorite experience as a member of the INSPIRE LLC so far has been making incredible friends and getting to live with people who are interested in a lot of the same things that I am. Without INSPIRE, I would have had a much harder and lonelier freshman year, but here I know I’m with people who genuinely care about the people they’re living with.

What influenced your decision to become a Peer Mentor?

In the first few weeks of my freshman year, I immediately felt very welcomed into the community, even though I didn’t know anybody or really anything about IU in general. College is a huge and often difficult adjustment, but the previous Peer Mentors helped me get to know campus and feel appreciated. I enjoyed the atmosphere of the LLC, and I knew that I wanted to continue living in and creating this home for others as a Peer Mentor.

Ask yourself what you want in your college experience. If you’re concerned about making friends or are looking for a community where people genuinely care for each other, then definitely join. Even if you feel unsure about being a teacher, it’s a great place to learn more about yourself and what you want in your education and future career.