Q&A with Anna

How has INSPIRE or the School of Education helped you grow as a future teacher?

INSPIRE has evolved my passion for teaching tremendously by opening my eyes to the power educators have in implementing world change. In addition, it has been so valuable to be a part of a diverse community with like-minded individuals, where I can learn and grow from others’ backgrounds and perspectives on the education field. I now have a more holistic perspective of the field of education and my role in it.

What has been your favorite experience as a member of the INSPIRE LLC so far?

Welcome Week is always such a fun experience! I love getting to meet new people and look forward to making more memories throughout the year.

What influenced your decision to become a Peer Mentor?

My first year on INSPIRE was one of my favorite parts of freshman year. I fell in love with this community, its values, and the friendships I made along the way. I chose to become a peer mentor because I wanted to provide freshmen with the opportunity to have the same experience.

Joining INSPIRE has been such a positive experience for me and I have developed many lifelong friendships. I know how difficult it can be to form solid friendships and feel included when you move away from home. But, being a part of INSPIRE made that transition so much easier!