Q&A with Thomas

How has INSPIRE or the School of Education helped you grow as a future teacher?

INSPIRE has helped me grow as a future teacher by exposing me to different viewpoints and experiences. These have made me more mindful of the diverse and varied world and how to traverse it. Not only has this helped me in the educational environment but, also in the real world.

What has been your favorite experience as a member of the INSPIRE LLC so far?

My favorite experience as a member of the INSPIRE LLC was when I was given the opportunity to lead a seminar on the 2020 election. Being in the driver’s seat of guiding instruction better prepared me for when I will be a teacher.

What influenced your decision to become a Peer Leader?

For me I can always be continuously learning. As pre-service educator the opportunity not only to have experience as a leader but, also to be an influence on those I interact with were the driving force to become a Peer Leader. Like a teacher I also want to be a positive influence on my students and being able to have the opportunity to be a positive influence on this year’s cohort is substantial way to better prepare me to be a teacher who changes the world.


Being a part of INSPIRE has helped me to better prepare myself as a future teacher but also as a person in general. I would say to take every opportunity you can in life to better expand your horizons. Don’t let these opportunities pass you up and do whatever you can do to learn more about other people and experiences.