Q&A with Jason

How has INSPIRE or the School of Education helped you grow as a future teacher?

INSPIRE has helped me grow as a future teacher in so many ways. We collaborate a lot with our classes and share strategies of how to do a specific thing better. I have so many tools in my teacher’s toolbox that I have obtained within INSPIRE that will make me the best elementary teacher ever!

What has been your favorite experience as a member of the INSPIRE LLC so far?

I have to choose just one?!  I loved going to the pumpkin patches both my freshmen and sophomore year! My floor also came and supported me at the Vietnamese Cultural Show and it was amazing! (I also looked beautiful if I do say so myself.) There’s just a lot of little things that we do as a community that I cherished and love like going on long walks (and losing Courtney), riding on limes, stargazing, working out, playing Among Us and everyone thinks you’re the Impostor when you were NOT. I can go on and on, but I don’t want this to go on forever and ever!

What influenced your decision to become a Peer Leader?

The peer leaders before me made me choose to be peer leaders! I was inspired by them and how they took this role to create a safe and inclusive community that I thought to myself “I want to do that!” And then I tried out, got it, and I am so happy to be here on the floor!

Get ready to make a lot of lifelong friends! Also, this community wants to help you, so if you do decide to join, never be afraid to reach out.