Q&A with Megan

How has INSPIRE or the School of Education helped you grow as a future teacher?

INSPIRE has given me so many amazing experiences and opportunities to grow as a future teacher. I got to service learn my first semester of college, learn from and talk to so many amazing educators, and learn from other future educators that I live with as well. Through all of these opportunities, I have been able to understand so many different perspectives, gain so many helpful tips for my future classroom, and have so much fun while learning all of these new things. 

What has been your favorite experience as a member of the INSPIRE so far?

My favorite experience as a member of INSPIRE has definitely been going on the INSPIRE trip to Puerto Rico over the summer. This trip helped me experience new cultures and learn from so many different educators in Puerto Rico. We visited different schools everyday (all of which had specific focuses that they incorporated throughout their school and curriculum), talked many students and educators, and traveled to so many amazing landmarks and beautiful places. We also learned about the political climate, how the privatization of schools is taking over, but also how the teachers and students overcome hardships. We even got to teach our own lesson to a group of middle schoolers while we were there. All in all, this trip was truly inspiring and left me with so many amazing experiences that I will definitely draw from and take into my future classroom.

INSPIRE helped me to find an amazing community and so many amazing friends, while also providing me with experiences and opportunities that have helped me grow immensely as a future educator.